Thursday, August 27, 2009

YPs Overnight Fellowship

ulitin natin to! :-)

To God be the glory!

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Yeah, Miss. . .
Whatever! Haha... :)

I was on my way home when I saw her. Forgot to bring the regular camera that i usually use. Took this one with my phone. I just can't resist. .hehe..

Bayanihan Rd.
12:11 pm

Monday, August 24, 2009

Cemetery Sunset

Kalibo Cemetery
Calachuchi Rd.
6:05 pm

"Life's short, death's sure."


Libacao, Aklan
4:13 pm

Monday, August 17, 2009

Ging in Hospital

Ging was taken to the hospital because of flu… and pneumonia and urinary tract infection (there must be some mistake there but that’s what her chart says), and stomach aches, which I guess she got from taking too much Alaxan FR the day before (3 tablets in a day). I told her once is enough for her body pains but who listens to me anyway.

She’s always all smiles.

On evenings, she would complain about nurses who from time to time will check on her, take her BP and temperature, tinker with her IV, disturb her sleep, and generally make her stay miserable. I tried to explain to her that that’s what they do in hospitals, but like I said, who listens to me anyway.

Phet arrives at noon to take over some of the hospital duty.

We made sure the camera functions well in whatever circumstances.

Mr. Socket

Of Cokes and Oreos...

Tissue Boy

Ooops...i forgot. . .

What's this?. . .

. . .the inside of a Coke PET bottle.

. . .now you know!

light bulb po...

Well, we found out the camera works just fine.

The doctor pronounced her fit for hospital release and we’re homeward bound.

Back home…and my mother’s sister is as healthy as a horse like nothing’s happened.

Sleeping in that narrow couch in the hospital room for several nights proved to be detrimental to my health. I really missed my own bed. Tueog anay ko! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz!